Back Bay Skippers - Sailor Fleet  
I have made several changes to the scoring system. If you observe any problems please let me know right away. Thanks. - Wes
Race score colors:    is a thrown out score. A skipper gets 1 throw out for every six races completed.    is a DNS score.    is a DNF score.    is an averaged score; used when someone must skip or drop out of a race due to verified milfoil or other legitimate cause. It is calculated by averaging the finish positions of all completed races and applying that avg to the specific race.

Enter the sail numbers in the order of finishing the race.

Invalid sail numbers will be highlighted if they are unknown or if they are a duplicate of a sail already entered.

PosSail #PosSail # Registered Skippers:

N/A Avg

1 14
2 15
3 16
4 17
5 18
6 19
7 20
8 21
9 22
10 23
11 24
12 25
13 26

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US12 2024-07-11.png
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